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Reports & presentations

Annual reports

As of 2019, Alginor publishes annual reports exclusively in English, as permitted by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. Beginning with the Annual Report of 2023, publication will only be done digitally; printed copies will not be issued.

Annual Report 2023
Annual Report 202222 June 2023Eng (PDF)
Annual Report 202125 April 2022Eng (PDF)
Annual Report 202012 May 2021Eng (PDF)
Annual Report 201928 February 2020Eng (PDF)
Annual Report 201824 June 2019Nor (PDF) Eng (PDF)
Annual Report 201715 June 2018Nor (PDF)
Annual Report 201630 June 2017Nor (PDF)


Presentations are prepared upon request.

General Meetings of Alginor ASA

Annual General Meetings

2023Nor/Eng (PDF)Nor/Eng (PDF)
2022Nor/Eng (PDF)Nor/Eng (PDF)
2021Nor (PDF)Nor (PDF)
2020Nor (PDF)Nor (PDF)
2019Nor (PDF)Nor (PDF)
2018Nor (PDF)Nor (PDF)
2017Nor (PDF)

Extraordinary General Meetings

12 March 2024Nor/Eng (PDF)Nor/Eng (PDF)
17 December 2021Nor/Eng (PDF)Nor (PDF)
6 August 2021Nor/Eng (PDF)Nor/Eng (PDF)


National Prospectus13 September 2021Eng (PDF)
Redegjørelse om Åpenhetsloven30 June 2023Nor (PDF)

Articles of Association

Documenteffective as ofDownload
Articles of Association22 June 2023Nor/Eng (PDF)