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We are developing a portfolio of fully traceable life
science ingredients – sustainably gathered from our
ocean’s renewable treasury, responsibly produced
with no downstream waste and zero formaldehyde.

Alginor’s novel product portfolio of future ingredient offerings are used in medical, personal care, and health & nutrition applications, and they are all derived from one single raw material.

The portfolio of life science ingredients is possible only though Alginor’s harvesting, separation, and biorefining technologies. Whereas current industry outputs one single product, Alginor is able to fully realise the raw material’s potential. Through novel methods, Alginor will be able to provide a wide range of products, all based on one raw material: North Atlantic Laminaria hyperborea.

Future medical offerings will be produced according to customer specifications under GMP principles, with necessary certifications. Health & nutrition will primarily be produced to meet food-grade quality levels. All products will be formaldehyde-free.

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