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Sustainability is a core value in Alginor.

Alginor supports the Paris agreement and actively aims to contribute towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal.

Today, the brown kelp Laminaria hyperborea is being used almost exclusively to produce alginates, whereas the remaining biomass of up to 85% is treated as waste. We in Alginor believe this extremely valuable marine resource can and should be utilised significantly better. Alginor aims to extract all valuable substances from Laminaria hyperborea, and waste nothing. We believe this should be a given goal for anyone seeking to harvest from our marine forests, and we are determined to uphold a responsible and respectful interaction with the ocean and its ecosystems. We strive to continue our innovation efforts towards new and improved ways of utilising the kelp biomass, and have a dedicated focus on ensuring a sustainable, climate-positive impact in everything we do.

Value chain & traceability

Our value chain is transparent, traceable and vertically integrated, enabling us to document the products’ entire life cycle – from harvesting to finished ingredient. Like our customers, we place a high value on complete traceability. Therefore, we believe it is essential to oversee and control each link of the value chain.

Zero downstream waste

Achieving total downstream utilisation of the biomass is a core value in our business model. In all modesty, we are confident that we have the means and the technology to facilitate for no biomass waste from our processes. We place high value on all of the kelp’s inherent substances and we take pride in utilising the entirety of the biomass we bring to shore. We intend and are committed to continue our efforts in exploring the biomass’ true potential.


Alginor seeks a transparent, open and trusting dialogue with its stakeholders.

Health, safety and security

Alginor strives to promote a healthy and safe working environment for its employees, and will tolerate no forms of discrimination or harassment. In Alginor, safety will always come first in every link of its value chain. Alginor has implemented systems for quality management and standardisation in order to manage risk assessment and simplify processes.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Alginor has identified and targeted a total of 7 UN Sustainable Development Goals where we believe we can contribute positively – now and in the future.