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Frequently asked questions

How do I become a shareholder?

The Alginor ASA share is not listed on any stock exchange and the company carries out placements under its own auspices. Public placements are usually advertised in financial newspapers and in our newsletter.

What is ‘kelp’?

By kelp we mean the species Laminaria hyperborea, which is a brown macroalga in the family Laminariaceae. In Norwegian it is commonly known as ‘stortare’.

Are there limits on production?

There are limits on harvesting, but these are in the order of millions of tonnes. Annual harvesting figures in Norway have consistently been below 200,000 tonnes every year. Other than that, Alginor faces only practical limitations.

Does Alginor harvest any kind of seaweed?

No, just Laminaria hyperborea, which grows in abundance along the coasts of Northern Europe. Our methods are tailored to its physical properties and chemical composition.

Does Alginor cultivate kelp?

Alginor is not a company in the kelp-cultivating industry, but we collaborate with kelp-growers in research. We harvest wild-growing kelp along the Norwegian coast.

How do you convert kelp into twelve different products?

By discarding old methods which have inherent flaws. Alginor is developing Hypomar for raw material harvesting and separation, and AORTA for biorefining, which together enable total utilisation of the raw material.

Does Alginor sell non-processed kelp?

No. Freshly harvested, non-processed kelp has a very short shelf life. We sell our products as ingredients to companies in pharmaceutical and life science industries.

What do you produce except alginate?

Our portfolio of future offerings contains 11 other products, among them 6 for pharmaceutical applications.