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A Norwegian green push for seaweed

Positive developments are happening within the Norwegian seaweed industry. This week, a consortium led by SINTEF Ocean was granted a NOK 50 million project from the Research Council of Norway under the Green Platform Initiative. The project is aimed at developing climate friendly products within food, animal feed, biodegradable plastic replacements and fertilisers/biocarbon based on farmed seaweed species.

The industry’s potential in developing climate friendly ingredients for a wide variety of important applications is substantial and far from exhausted. Although farmed seaweed species lie outside the scope of Alginor’s business for the time being, we fully support and are glad to see that the seaweed industry is receiving increased attention and recognition as an emerging industry that will play an important role in the shift towards a more sustainable, circular economy.

We wish our industry colleagues the best of luck with the project!

Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Policy Bjørnar Skjæran (external link): "Nye, klimavennlige råvarer fra havet er en viktig del av det grønne skiftet, og tare er en fremtidsnæring for Norge. Det er svært gledelig at næringslivet leder an i å finne nye bruksområder for denne råvaren, ikke minst innen bærekraftig fôr, som er et viktig satsingsområde for regjeringen."