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A flagship demonstration location

Yesterday, on 22 August 2022, Alginor received the keys to the building on Husøyvegen 281. The facility is situated on a 6,500 m2 plot in the Husøy industrial park near Avaldsnes, with easy access to all the important utilities. Historically a fish processing factory and more recently housing the only Norwegian-based pump producer, we are sure it will suit Alginor well in the coming years while we demonstrate total utilisation of Laminaria hyperborea.

All told, Alginor has paid NOK 29.2 million in cash to Jakob Hatteland Bygg AS for the plot and building. The handover went smoothly as Ydra AS had spent the previous weeks moving to the newly constructed Hatteland hub in Aksdal. We wish them the best of luck!

Lead Industrial IT Kjetil Skjold, Hypomar CEO Harald Fiskaaen, and Hatteland's representative Kristian Grunnaleite handing over the keys to Alginor’s CAO Helge Tordahl.

Over the coming months, the building will see considerable upgrades and at least a doubling of floor space from the current 2,300 m2 to fit processing lines and the necessary laboratories and utilities. Architectural and engineering plans are drawn up by Petter J. Rasmussen AS, the same firm that planned the facility almost 30 years ago. Highly experienced Sarpsborg-based consultancy firm Fernløf AS has been brought on to assist in matters pertaining to process equipment and utilities.

The municipality of Karmøy has approved the broad strokes of our planned expansion, leaving fine points to be decided. Foundation work begins next month.

The building as it stands today.
Preliminary expansion plan.

Regarding the quay adjacent to the plot and extending into the bay, Alginor has reached an understanding with the owner, Karmsund Port Authority, for exclusive use. The 50 by 10 metre jetty has plentiful space for landing operations and equipment as well as charging utilities for harvesting vessels. Crucially, exclusive rights to the quay allow Alginor to fence the majority of the plot, securing operations.