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Fucomed granted funding by the Research Council

Earlier this year, the Research Council of Norway granted Alginor NOK 16.25 million to fund our Fucomed project. Through Fucomed, the company seeks to thoroughly research the biopolymer fucoidan, and methods of extracting and applying its potential in real-world cases.

The project has a total budget of NOK 23.2 million, giving an aid intensity of 70%.

Fucoidan was fully characterised for the first time by our R&D manager Georg Kopplin in collaboration with NOBIPOL at NTNU.

Fucoidan from macroalgae is a biopolymer with enormous potential and is the target of many ongoing studies across the world. Today’s supply of fucoidan is limited to lesser Asian producers, generally Chinese.

Alginor’s goal is to become a leading producer and distributor of pure fucoidan of high quality for biomedical and cosmetical applications.