Alginor’s EU-project AORTA-II finished today

December 2020

The company’s AORTA 2 project, which has received funding through the European Union’s SME instrument under the framework Horizon 2020, was completed on 31 December 2020, 28 months after project launch.

During the project, the company’s employees have completed 23,400 working hours and finalised and submitted 21 “deliverables” to the European Union. These “deliverables” form the basis for a complete verification of the company’s technology. The technology has been developed in Alginor’s own facilities and external piloting at domestic and international facilities. Additionally, the company’s financial strategy has been implemented in an extensive financial model and the plans for commercialisation, data management, dissemination and IPR protection have been made.

The project results are very promising and the project as a whole has had a decisively positive impact on Alginor.


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