Regionale forskningsfond

March 2017

Alginor was given a grant of 480 000 NOK from Regionale Forskningsfond Vestlandet in June 2016, to be used in the qualification project AORTA.

The leader for this project (project number 263370) is Henriette Wangen, and the project is to be completed in Rogaland/Haugesund in the time frame 2016-2017.

Regional research funds are meant to strengthen research for regional innovation and development by supporting the prioritized commitment areas in the region, and mobilizing an increase in research and development (R&D). The goal is to develop R&D-projects that qualifies for continued funding from other arrangements.

The goal of Alginor’s pre-project was to create a base for further research towards a paradigm shift within macro algae processing, which makes it possible to have total utilization of the raw material, with zero raw material pollution and elimination of the use of toxins such as formaldehyde.

The R&D-activities were completed in cooperation with leading international research institutions. The project was finalized and approved in January 2017.

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